• If a Gift or Talent is identified in a child/ student at an early age, parents will be able to identify possible career paths hence will be able to know the right time, money and effort required to make him/her successful. This is very important for children at Reception Years i.e. those in Early Childhood Education. This vulnerable group must be assessed and their abilities known beforehand so that they are not forced into what they would naturally never learn. It is important, further, to note that such children may have a learning defect which may only be discovered too late into learning when no real remedy can take place!
  • Gifted and Talented children/ students will get sponsorship by international bodies for further and relevant education since it is known that they possess unique abilities that would shape the societal, political and economic destiny of nations.


Without a professional and scientific assessment and final reports and prescriptions, your child will remain locked out of international support as their details will not be at the International Database.

  • Parents would essentially know the right education or talent support for his/her child hence decide effectively where it can be achieved.
  • In other words, through Gift and Talent Testing, you can forecast your child’s career 10 -20 years early, hence plan productively.
  • For adults, you will be able to review and enrich your career by knowing “what else you are good in”, away from current employment, qualifications or business.