This is an institution that receives on behalf of the federation persons needing Gift and Talent Testing and does preliminary screens with the Federation’s support and supervision.

Such members may not have machines and software for Gift and Talent Testing, but provided with basic kits from the federation in order to be able to perform basic prognosis. This is, for example, like a hospital‘s basic procedures e.g. obtaining temperature and pressure at a clinic reception before seeing a doctor. A membership fee may be charged annually for this membership. Please contact us for the latest on this.

How to become a member

Application for membership is done online by sending an email to the Federation and attaching your profile or CV. You must indicate the correct membership type so that it is processed under the appropriate category.

Once the application is received, it will be processed and if approved, you will be notified and listed. A certificate of Membership will also be issued.

Membership benefits

  • Free mention/advertising in AFGT newsletter/journals/conference information booklets.
  • Free access to newsletter/journals/conference information booklets.
  • Endorsement of conferences, allowing use of AFGT name and logo for advertising purposes.
  • Access to international leaders in the field of gifted education.
  • Lowered rates to conferences
  • Lowered rates to Gift and Talent Assessment for self and family
  • Discounts for Access to research and publications.

Renewing Membership

Applying for membership is a one-time process. In subsequent years, your membership status is maintained by simply paying the annual membership fee.