The Leadership of The African Federation for Gifted and Talented (AFGT) is vested in the Executive Federation Secretariat.

The Executive Federation Secretariat is the governing body of the AFGT. It is ultimately responsible for the stewardship and management of the WTF’s affairs and accountable to the members.

Executive Federation Secretariat consists of up to six elected members who serve a three-year term – President, Deputy President, Secretary General, Deputy Secretary General, Treasurer, and Deputy Treasurer.

Federation President

Prof. Humphrey Oborah , has been an advocate of talent for over 24 years and serving as World Talent Federation Secretary General/CEO. The Kenyan who struggled from a very poor background is instrumental for creating several Gift and Talent Screening Clinics, Specialized Academic Clinics and working with several universities to support the gifted and talented. He had to fight for gifted and talented in Africa (esp. in his own country Kenya) at a time when people did not understand the ideals of Gift and Talent in education; he actually got labeled as “fake” alongside the institutions he created, much as many agree he was right all along today.

Treasurer General

Dr.  Simon Bhan Chuol, born in Nasir County, Upper Nile State, South Sudan  and working as  Executive Director of UNKEA.Simon has made a lot of achievement during his tenure working as Executive Director of UNKEA having a lot backing by UNDP. In 2009 he reconciled two fighting clans of Nasir and Longechuk county and the community are now living peaceful without any problem. Further, vulnerable populations were reached with humanitarian and development services such as health, nutrition, food security and livelihood, education, WASH, Access to justice and peace building. He is currently dealing with efforts on how support the Gifted and Talented in at Risk situations in and around South Sudan.

Secretary General

Reginald Moledi  has been rooted on the ground and instrumental in the advocacy and .support of children education in South Africa. Particularly, he has been “thinking out of the box” for many who do not see creative education to have a meaning. Being a classroom teacher, he has been influential mentoring and coaching a number of university students at Witwatersrand University in South Africa. He was chosen as one of the top 10 for service excellence Award at Wits University

Federation Vice President

MacBain is the Executive Director at Youth Net and Counseling (YONECO), having worked with Malawian Ministry of Education for over 10 years. The Malawian , who is a holder of a masters degree from Manchester Metropolitan University, is instrumental for creating opportunities for many young and talented people in Malawi and neighboring countries.

Deputy Treasurer General

Dr. Shadrack Jirma Hidi has worked at top government capacity and also as United Nations Diplomatic Service (Field Coordinator) ; for United Nations Primary School Feeding programme, with further duties in emergency relief. This has gone a long way in helping malnourished children in Somalia, Djibouti, and parts of Northern Kenya. He has been very supportive to gifted programmes in these parts of Africa.

Deputy Secretary General

Dr. Benoit Katula Makiong holds a Doctorate degree and has a wealth of experience in financial management. He is also a lecturer at University of Uélé (Faculty of Economics) in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He has also been Vice-Dean of studies in charge of research and a great supporter of talent especially children.